Merger / Acquisition Services

Blum & Colombe, Ltd. provides services related to mergers / acquisitions
including the following:

For Sellers

Preparing a confidential descriptive memorandum
to be provided to prospective buyers.

Identifying prospective "synergistic" or "industry" buyers.

Surveying the level of interest of possible industry buyers on a confidential basis.

Contacting specific possible buyers.

For Buyers

Assisting with identification of the criteria for acquisition targets.

Performing a targeted search for potential acquisition targets.

Making initial contact with potential acquisition targets.

For Buyers and Sellers

Working with the client to make an initial determination
if there is an appropriate fit.

Performing valuation analysis.

Leading or assisting with (depending on the client's preference)
the negotiation of the terms of the transaction.

Drafting a "term sheet" or "letter of intent".

Working with the client's legal counsel to memorialize
the transaction in the appropriate legal documents.

Assisting the client with transition plans.

Our background in valuing businesses puts us in a unique position to assist buyers and sellers in their evaluation of merger / acquisition candidates. It has also enabled us to develop a network of potential investors with the resources available to participate in quality business opportunities.